Garage Door Repair Companies

Garage Door Repair – Common Issues with Garage Doors

Professionally trained garage door repair service providers can handle both residential and commercial issues. Surprising issues that might arise such as insects nesting on the photo eye sensor can also be dealt with properly.

Even though such issues are not common, there’s no issue a professional garage door repair company can’t do. Here are common issues garage door repair companies often work on:

  1. Low Transmitter Batteries

Garage door transmitters need power to work. If the batteries responsible for powering them die, the transmitters won’t work. They fail to send signals to your garage door to either open or close.

It is also possible for the transmitters either on your car or in the garage to become faulty. Test both to determine the batteries in need of replacement.

2. Misaligned Photo Eyes and Track

Most garage doors are built with photo eye sensors to detect if there’s anything on the door’s path as it closes. As a safety measure, it ensures the garage door can’t close on top of an object, causing damage to properties or injuries to people nearby.

Careful cleaning of the photo eye can help solve the problem of being out of alignment. Tracks need to be aligned properly to allow smooth movement of your garage door.