Common Garage Door Problems and How To Repair

Garage Door Repair Services – Common Garage Door Problems

Waking up early in the morning only to start struggling with a faulty carport door is very frustrating especially when you’re late for work. Discovering that you have dead batteries may bring a relief. However, if your door won’t work at all, it’s a different issue altogether. This is where professional assistance comes in.

With repetitive motion over time, your garage door mechanism can develop problems. If you have an automatic system, expect it to have minimal issues anywhere from 10 to 15 years, unless something unusual happens to them. Afterward, you may have to replace it since its maintenance could prove costly.

Common Garage Door Problems

The following are some of the common garage door problems that require professional assistance:

  1. Track Misalignment. Long-term use and improper handling can throw your tracks out of alignment. Environmental factors such as exposure to ice and water can also contribute to track misalignment.  Your door may clatter a bit louder while in motion as a result of these conditions. Worse still, it can completely stop from working. Call professional garage door repair services immediately you realize your doors won’t move smoothly to prevent further damage.
  2. Problem with cables, springs, or motor. A motor, torsion springs, and cables play a central role in the movement of your garage’s door. Broken motors result in complete failure of garage doors. Your door may also stop working its motor isn’t receiving power. Damaged or corroded springs can also affect how efficiently it moves. In extreme cases, they could immobilize the door’s movement. Cables can also break with aging when they are under pressure.
  3. Misaligned photo eyes. Even if there aren’t other issues, photo-eye misalignment can prevent your garage doors from closing. With time, changes of temperature can cause your photo eyes to warp. Also, blunt impacts can damage these important accessories.

Call a Professional Now

If you’re experiencing problems with your garage doors, calling a professional immediately is the best solution that you have.  This can help in getting them back to working order before further damage occurs. A good company should carry out the repair efficiently and quickly to minimize any interruptions to your daily routine.